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L.A. Dance was Founded in 1989 in Staten Island, New York,  by Angela Paolino-Thompson, a young lady with big dreams! (certified instructor Dance Educators of America and a member of the Professional Dance Teachers Association).  Since than her studios have grown into Nationally Acclaimed Dance Education facilities with locations in New York and New Jersey.    L.A. Dance NY now in it’s 31ST season and L.A. Dance NJ it’s 15th ,  are both professionally staffed and extremely well known in the dance community for their excellence in training of the Arts. Angela has developed and molded her studio in NY and now has handed it over to her partners/students to carry on the legacy.  With L.A. Dance NY in wonderful hands, she has set her focus on L.A. Dance NJ PAC, Colts Neck NJ, where she hopes to grow and expand her dreams beyond.  After 31 years in this business Angela is still as passionate and determined as in 1989 – to make L.A. Dance NJ Performing Arts Center, Colts Neck NJ her biggest and best accomplishment to date.

Our New Jersey Director:   Angela Paolino Thompson, is a graduate of NYU with a double major in Business and Dance.  She has danced since the age of three and has experience in every aspect of the dance business. Sharing her love and passion through the generations, L. A. Dance is world renown and a staple in the communities both in NY and in NJ.   Not only with accolades pouring in for their students, but for being a company that gives back, donates, volunteers and is involved in all types of efforts in the community.

As a young girl Angela performed in a band called “Rock and Cheer”, selected out of 100s of girls by her dance instructor, Angela became the lead singer and performer in this band that traveled and performed throughout the Nation.
After which, Angela became the choreographer for many up and coming dance music groups breaking into the music world. Through her career she traveled and performed with many such groups promoting their demos and helping them breakout. Her choreography was also sort after by professional bodybuilders for competitions, as well as fitness model competitors. Extremely active in that world at the time, Angela trained with, posed and choreographed many of their championship pieces. Angela has been hired but the public school systems to choreograph their annual dance performances in New York. Here Angela’s talents and skilled were challenged making a world of non dancers, dance and perform. Angela remembers this as being a very rewarding experience. Limited not only to choreography and performing, Angela was a well knows Dance Competition Judge for many of the most amazing competitions and has turned down countless offers to travel the world and judge and teach master classes, to keep her studio as the focus of her career.

Some of her students accolades include the following:

Angela’s students have performed our original choreography entitled “Michael Jackson Tribute” live on FOX,   performing in “The Right Way” , anti bullying production by Cat London, accredited and appearing in the New Jersey film festival 5 & NY 1.; appeared in various advertisements, commercials; videos. We have performed at Madison Square Garden, Disney’s Galaxy Palace Theater, Off Broadway at the Variety Arts Theater plus many more. Her dancers can be seen in all the dance magazines, as well as on the Danskin website,catalogs and so many other print and commercial ads.  In addition to all this professional work, L.A. Dance and Angela’s students have been National Champion Winners year after year, creating dancers that strive in the real dance world is one of Angela’s’ goals. Another of her goals is developing the recreational dancer babies. Nurturing  every single student so they make all their dance dreams come true. Angela and  L.A. Dance have always been knows for being the most well rounded studio in all forms of dance.  Angela strives to bring in the best instructors from around the States who specialize in every form of dance to her students. “Along with my staff and myself, diversity and a great foundation in all our dancers is a common goal we share”.  I as the founder, not only instill in my instructors, the importance of a good foundation for their dance education, but in building the children’s love for themselves and the art of dance. Our mission statement has and always will be ” Conceive, Believe, Achieve”  striving to have every dancer be the best they can be and have a great time while doing that”.

Now in its 15th Season in Colts Neck, NJ – Angela’s new dream is unfolding – “The A-List Academy” training the creme de la creme of dancers including the 18 + group, to prepare to audition.  Providing audition opportunities for those dancers.  Angela has also sort out and brought in the most amazing, Vocal, Acting and Piano coaches to further prepare those students who want to pursue a real career in any area of the arts or even just get better for a local play or school event.

Angela is so proud to say now – L.A. DANCE NJ PAC – has it all and will keep adding and growing to fulfill every young artists dream.  You ask for it, if its in the Arts – Angela – will…“Make it Happen”  the new Motto for the A-List Academy!

Come and see why Angela has stood the test of time!  Why we are so unique!  Why we are so special!  Why you will love being part of our L.A. Dance family!


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