movementpicCreative movement is a great way for your young children to explore music and movement, develop their skills physically, and encourage creativity. This style is based on findings from Montessori’s theory that takes a deeper look into physical patterning and mental development in children. Our baby dancers are our pride and joy. We strive to provide them with the best and most exciting dance experience from a very young age. Students starting at age 2 have a blast in our classes and learn early on to move to the beat of their own drum and have a great time! L.A. Dance School of the Arts and L.A. Dance Center of the Arts offer top classes in Staten Island, New York and Lincroft, New Jersey that give little dancers the ability to study creative movement. We even have Mommy and Me classes for our littlest dancers to start learning how to dance side by side with Mommy! Come check out our awesome classes for your little girls and boys ages 2 and up!