Hip Hop dance is a very broad category of dance that is usually performed to popular hip hop music. Under the main title of hip hop, there are many sub-styles of hip hop that dance students may study. Breaking, popping, and locking are all examples of hip hop styles. Beginning as a street style, hip hop gained mainstream exposure in the 1980s when hip hop crews were showcased on Soul Train. This led to a huge surge of dance studio based versions of hip hop dance. Here at L.A. Dance, we offer many different hip hop classes to dancers of all ages and levels! Our students love the high energy movement and awesome choreography in our hip hop classes. We are extremely proud of our boy dancers, the Boyz of L.A. who have come a long way both in talent and numbers! L.A. Dance School of the Arts and L.A. Dance Center of the Arts are both proud homes of excellent hip hop teachers and talented hip hop dancers. Our boys and girls, young and old have a love of the hip hop dance form like no other!