Lyrical Dance is an expressive and fluid dance form that is a favorite at L.A. Dance NJ PAC. This style is heavily based in ballet, but uses the classical ballet training and the artistic freedom, fluid movement, and emotional expressiveness of jazz, contemporary, and modern dance styles. Lyrical dance expresses musicality and emotion through the movement of the dancer. Our top of the line lyrical programs at L.A. Dance NJ PAC features experienced lyrical dancers that have grown into wonderful choreographers. With their breadth of knowledge and love of the art, our talented dancers have learned to portray emotion through their bodies in this amazing art form. Dancers at L.A. Dance love lyrical and find it to be a great way to improve their technique and express themselves while doing what they love.  Open, honest portrayal of the lyrics is what we seek and in doing so L.A. Dance NJ PAC, instructors hope to allow each student to experience the happiness dance can bring from the inside out.

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