Mommy * Daddy Dance with Me

Our Mommy Daddy classes are the first steps in creating your little dancing star.  This program starts as young as 18 months old up to the age of 4.  Parents or that special guardian has the opportunity to share in the joy of movement with their child.  The bond that the parent builds with the child is incredible.  The fundamentals that the children learn about music, dance and exercise lead them right into a bright amazing future in dance.  At L.A. DANCE we have found that almost all our babies that start with this program develop a deep love for dance and remain our students for years to come.  The children get an amazing sense of comfort and support once they know our studio is a safe place for them to have fun with their special adult.  After the program is over, they have absolutely no problems transitioning into our mainstream dance programs.  In fact, most of these little protégées go on to be the star students of L.A DANCE.  Don’t miss our Mommy * Daddy dance with me program to get your little star on his or her way while you share such precious moments with your young dancer.