Picture1By definition, en pointe, means “on the tip.” More commonly performed by women, this beautiful form of ballet dance is loved by so many dancers. This form of classical ballet is practiced using pointe shoes, otherwise known as toe shoes. A dancer must practice ballet extensively and have adequate leg and ankle strength to be able to perform the exercises and movements specific to dancing en pointe. This style originally developed from the desire for dancers to appear weightless. This stunning and graceful art form is offered at both L.A. Dance locations in Staten Island, New York and Cotls Neck, New Jersey. Our experienced ballet teachers at L.A. Dance Studio of the Arts and L.A. Dance NJ PAC provide the best training in pointe, emphasizing our students’ safety and strength while practicing and performing upon these special shoes. Being chosen to begin pointe is a huge honor and being handed your first pair of pointe shoes has come to be known as a rite of passage to dancers all over the world. Our beautiful dancers work hard each week in ballet to reach their goals and become the strongest dancers they can be!

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