Tap dance is a dance form in which dancers use the sounds that tap shoes produce in a percussive manner. Tap shoes feature a metal tap on the heel and toe of the shoe, used to strike the floor and produce different sounds. There is a huge emphasis on rhythm, syncopation, and dancing in unison in tap dance training. L.A. Dance has a reputation for having the greatest tap classes in Staten Island and in Lincroft! L.A. Dance School of the Arts and L.A. Dance NJ PAC are leaders in the field of tap dance. This lost form is still very much alive at our studios and our students have the time of their lives exploring the different sounds and elements that come with the art of tap. Combining rhythmic tap and Broadway tap styles, L.A. Dance has put a dramatic, edgy twist on what many people would expect from tap. Tap classes are offered to students of all ages starting at age 2.5 from a large variety of our teachers who spent years training under expert teachers in L.A. Dance’s top tap program. We’ve got the rhythm!

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