Project Description

Alicia Lundgren

Alicia found her way into her first yoga class over a decade ago, looking for a way to stay active and improve flexibility. Having been a dancer since the age of 2, she was already aware of the importance of alignment within the body, balance, and flexibility, therefore yoga seemed like the right fit! Over time she began to notice that the benefits she received from yoga affected her mind and soul more than her tight muscles. Quickly it became a healthy obsession, seeking yoga as a release from her hectic busy lifestyle.

After she learned that a life without yoga was no longer an option, she found Honor Yoga where she received her 200 Hour RYT Certificate. The process of becoming an instructor has opened her eyes and given her a new outlook on yoga and life in general. Peace and happiness are often things we seek externally, rather than looking within and finding stillness in ourselves.
Alicia’s goal as a teacher is to bring her students a newfound understanding of happiness and peace by searching within, while moving the body in fun, challenging poses. Yoga is all about keeping the body active, allowing the mind to come into stillness. Join her on the mat — you will walk out with a renewed sense of purpose and gratitude.