L. A. Dance Student Daniella LaRosa modeling for Dance Spirit Magazine February 2013 Issue

We couldn’t be prouder of our student Daniella LaRosa modeling for Dance Spirit Magazine. You can view the spread in Februaries Issue 2013 on page 52-53



Dance Recital Feedback

“This was our first year with you. Your recital yesterday was AMAZING!! Your choreography was the best! And I loved every single costume! Age appropriate – which is something that I’m not used to. We all thoroughly enjoyed it beyond words!!! No comparison. Thank you for all that you and your staff do for our kids”

“I need to thank ALL THE TEACHERS at L.A. DANCE for all of your hard work and dedication to the children. I want to especially thank Mrs Angela, Miss Tracey and Miss Jeana for recognizing my daughter for the 1 year scholarship at L.A. Dance the smile on my daughters face when her name was called was one of the best FATHERS DAY gift I have ever gotten, and for that I would like to thank all 3 of you.”
“I cannot begin to say how happy I am today to be part of such a talented / dedicated / unique family as L.A. Dance. All 3 three shows yesterday were absolutely incredible. It’s all because of our gifted teachers. Thank you all so much. I would never trade this family for anything. L.A dance is not my second family. But my first.”

“What a great performance yesterday from all the students of L.A. Dance and to our boys that did an awesome job, we are so proud of you!!”

“The boys did an amazing job thanks to all their wonderful teachers…thanks so much for all your efforts.”

“What an amazing show L.A. Dance put on last night. I am so proud of my girls and watching them rock that dance floor. Thank you L.A. Dance SI NJ teachers for all your hard work and dedication you put into your students. This is my first year there and we are so happy to be part of L.A. Dance”

“So proud of my daughter and all the rest of the dancers. What an amazing job they did. I am so happy to be part of such a wonderful school. Thank you to the amazing teachers who teach her how to “shake it” on stage!!!

“Thank you L.A. Dance for giving me so many opportunities to perform in the best Art possible. I truly love this family more than anything, each and every single person has something so special about them in their own individual way which makes us one amazing team. To all of my teachers, my life would never have been the same without you, thank you for all the faith and confidence you instill in us, you guys are so motivating and words could never explain how unbelieveably talented you are, you transform dance into an art, an animation and a story. I love being apart of this family, 15 years with you and I hope another 15 more, my heart is forever with L.A. Dance”

“Still in amazement over today’s show! L.A. Dance performances were phenomenal! Costumes were fabulous! All that time and hard work paid off for all. The audience was raving outside the theatre on every corner about the show!! A true gem!! – happy and honored to be part of it all!! xoxo”

“Nothing felt more at home than did dancing at recital once again with my L.A. Dance family <3 I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to perform on stage with such talented, amazing people after a year away <3 forever my family”

“Once again another amazing year has come to an end, I wouldn’t want to be apart of any other family than L.A. Dance”

“Last number of recital!!! What an awesome year!!! Love love love our L.A. Dance!!! You all killed it up there tonight!!!!

Dance Sponsorship Winners – 2014

2014 Dance Sponsorship Winners

We are very proud of our L.A. Dance 2014 sponsorship winners. Congratulations to Gabriella Ferrara,  Jenna Coppola, AnnMarie Arcuri, Sabrina Bubis, Gianna Pandolfi, and Leah Janvier.




  • Gabriella Ferrara


  • Jenna Coppola


  • AnnMarie Arcuri


  • Sabrina Bubis




  • Gianna Pandolfi (left)
  • Leah Janvier : one class/one month gift card winner (right)

2014 Scholarship Winners

NY 2014-2015 L.A. Dance Scholarship Winners:


3 Month Dance Scholarship Winners

  • Brianna Maniscalco
  • Gabriella Tozzi

6 Month Dance Scholarship Winners

  • Sabrina DiGennaro
  • Taylor Gerardi

1 Year Dance Scholarship Winners

  • Alex Manzi